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1) The Ashfall Fossil Beds lies west of the oceans, mountains and any major landforms that would block any of the volcanic ash. During the time of the eruption the state of Nebraska was sub-tropical grassland with patches of jungle area giving the ash miles to blow and fall. Today the Ashfall Fossil Beds are located in northeastern Nebraska in Antelope County. 2) Ash Falls, Ne was created when a super volcano erupted millions of years ago during the Miocene epoch. The Bruneau-Jarbidge event spread thick blankets of ash during the eruption and formed a caldera. 3) There have been many animals uncovered in Ash Falls including the Pseudhipparion gratum, the Longirostomeryx wellsi, the Cynarctus and the Hesperotestudo. The Pseudhipparion gratum is also known as a small three-toed horse, this animal was a very short horse that survived on a herbivore diet. The Longirostomeryx wellsi or the sabre-toothed deer is basically a deer with long canine teeth. The function of the teeth remains a mystery to scientists. The Cynarctus is the raccoon dog is one of the newer carnivores that have been unearthed; it is thought to have existed around 15 million years ago. The Hesperotestudo better known as the giant tortoise is one of the world’s longest-living animals, and can weigh up to 660 pounds and be 4 foot long. 4) While digging in the ash beds remains were found in a layered form pattern. The rhinoceroses were always found first in the top layers, then, deeper down lie the smaller hoofed animals, finally birds and turtles were found. The animals did not all die at once, because of the layered effect we can say that the smallest creatures died first, then medium sized animals and lastly the largest or the rhinos were the last to die perhaps weeks later. 5) Ash Falls was created in the Miocene epoch (around 12 million years ago) and humans did not colonize in North

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