Ash Com 200 Week 4 Quiz Essay

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Check this A+ tutorial guideline at 1. Question : Which sentence is the best paraphrase of the statement, “I might as well drop out of school; I failed another test today.” 2. Question : The theory stating that, as individuals deepen their relationships with each other, they peel layers of themselves away to reveal increasingly personal information, is known as: 3. Question : All of the following are accurate tips for effective listening EXCEPT: 4. Question : We do all of the following with empathic listening, EXCEPT: 5. Question : The strongest of our interpersonal relationships is friendship because: 6. Question : In order to obtain the most satisfying and positive outcomes in our significant relationships, we should: 7. Question : Each of the following is a primary principle of communication in relationships EXCEPT: 8. Question : Fred and Susan have been discussing the purchase of a new car. Fred wants a small, economical vehicle while Susan prefers a roomy car that will comfortably accommodate their growing family. They seem to be at a stand-still. Susan has simply stopped responding to Fred when he mentions various makes and models of vehicles, hoping he will “come to his senses” and see their family need for a larger vehicle. Their communication with each other is an example of: 9. Question : What kind of assertive communication style is it when you first check the other person’s feelings before stating your own? 10. Question : Janae and Josie are co-workers who have been developing an employee survey. Janae is struggling with the amount of time that it takes her to get materials from Josie, and tells Josie,

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