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X : hello vy , trinh long time no see T : oh hello X , long time no see , nice to meet you , V: niec to meet you too , how are you X: oh I’m fine thaks , and how about you ? V: I’m fine thaks , T: when did you return your home ? X: oh , I just returned home only 2 days ago V: the last time we have met together since 1 years ago , if you had free time , we would invite you go to drink coffee together X: ok , I'm glad to be going out with friends . so I am going to visit to ha noi , what do you know about ha noi , let’s introduce it for me T : Hanoi has a lot to stand out, there are huge differences in the areas of food, weather, traffic, lifestyle from Ho Chi Minh city . V: let’s start with food , X what do you like eat taste for food ? X: I love to eat sweet and spicy snack . V: It is the characteristic taste of the south in the north is also salty, sour, bitter taste characteristic . T: typical example is when we eat tofu noodles in Hanoi, the shrimp paste shrimp paste sauce is pure we just need to add lime to the edible. X: oh that amzing , I would love to know pho noodle but not in Saigon and Hanoi have different place not V: In Saigon Pho people often used with other herbs in Hanoi Pho is often served with bean sprouts X: I learned a little about the weather information in Hanoi, Hanoi seemed more rain in the right , and the weather in Hanoi is not as erratic in Ho Chi Minh City T : Where this is not, in Hanoi weather clear distinction winter heating season, the weather was more stable, and in HCMC, the dry and wet seasons are very erratic, and there is a further feature in Hanoi winters are cold

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