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The 21st Century Jet The Boeing 777 Multimedia Case Study Shad H Shokralla Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley December 18, 1995 Research Advisor: Professor Alice M. Agogino Berkeley Expert Systems Technology Laboratory On-line Version URL: main.html Abstract Multimedia case studies have been shown to be an effective way of documenting and teaching best design practices. This is a case study of the changes that the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company made in the way they design and build airplanes. The 777 is the first jet that Boeing has created using this methodology. The changes were very dramatic and encompassed many areas, including technical, organizational and administrative changes. Boeing is touting the 777 as more than just a product, but as a new process. Although the technical innovations were numerous, what made the 777 project unique were the other changes Boeing instituted for this design/build effort. It was the first 100% digitally designed and pre-assembled airplane made by Boeing. Concurrent engineering, the concept of “Working Together”, was an integral part of the new philosophy and nearly 240 Design/Build teams were used through-out the process. The teams included design, manufacturing, customer and supplier personnel from the start. Designing and building a new commercial jet airliner is a long, five to ten years, and infrequent, one or two per decade, process. As such, it is crucial to document the design/build process for future projects, especially one that had so many “firsts”. A multimedia case study is an ideal vehicle for teaching engineers within Boeing as well as engineering students the design/build process of a large and complex product.

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