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s within a group cannot be easily changed. Consider the structure of one group, each individual forms the strong bonds which connect to others inside the group indeed they help us to share happiness and joy together. However, in some cases the nature of relationships within a group can be altered as well, when people leave or join the group. Which means when people leave the group they take off the bonds that connect to other individuals, causes weakness to the structure leads the relationship of the group to change. “Summer of The Seventeenth Doll” by Ray Lawler, displays clearly the change of a group caused by Nancy’s leaving, who is a member of the group have left to marry with an another man. This instance makes Olive really criticized with Nancy and also she views this as a mistake. However, this character tries to maintain the group by inviting Pearl who works as a barmaid with Olive to join the group. Instead Pearl she feels uneasy with this situation and she views this as a mess, later she decided to leave this group and finally the whole group was broke up and changed. This tends to show the impact of a decision that some people, who attempt to bond with other individual inside a group. In other words when people try to participate a group, either they could feel comfortable and be happy to share joys with other members, or perhaps they would feel awkward and find out this decision as a consequence lead to mess up and alter the relationship between people inside group indeed. However this is just a part of the real life, the fact is when a person comes in or leaves the group other individuals inside the group, they still would cope with this situation, remain the same identity and help them to protect the relationship indeed. The bonds among individuals inside a group are potentially stronger than everything, which means during the time that people are

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