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Name: Mahsud Safarov Date: February 11, 2015 Draft # 3 Writing Assignment # 2 “Man`s Best Friend” Many years ago in Scotland, there were two best friends. Their names were John and Bobby. They lived together in a small house and they weren`t rich. They had a very simple and wonderful life. One day in 1858, John had ill and died. He was buried in a cemetery in his town. A lot of John`s friends went to the cemetery. When they all went back home, Bobby stayed near John`s grave and cried. The other friends said to Bobby, “Bobby, let`s go, it`s time to go”. Bobby went with them, but he returned to the cemetery again. He never left the cemetery. He spent his last 14 years near John`s grave. In 1872, Bobby died too. John`s friends buried Bobby in a little grave near John. Why a little grave? Because Bobby was John`s best friend and he was a dog. I think, that in any person`s life friends play a big role. I have best friend too and his name is Bek. He is in Uzbekistan now. I met him at school and we were classmates. We have spent a good time at school since we became a student. He stayed in Samarkand, I went to Tashkent to study. We helped several times to each other. We often speak on the telephone. I miss my friend. In conclusion, if a person has a best friend who always ready to help him and who is always nerarby, that person will reach successfully any difficult

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