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“Anito : The lost Spirits” 1.0 Gameplay 1.1 Gameplay Basics The player is sent to fight for the lost spirits of the anitos of Filipinos sent by bathala. These anitos were stolen by Sitan and his four agents. The player must defeat the agents of Sitan in order to make it to the next level. The player must also survive through collecting items he needs for living. The player is faced with many obstacles that he must overcome using his fighting strategies as well as the items/tools he finds throughout the game. 1.2 Gameplay Elements Player: The player is represented by a 3D model which is portrayed in third person perspective. Puzzle: The player will encounter a puzzle every after next level/stage. The player must use his thinking skills in finding special items used to open the next stage of the game. Tools: The player may find some weapons that he can use to survive battles in the game. The weapons in the game are trivial. Tools can be found most after defeating enemies in the game. These tools can be also purchased through bartering valuable items. Antagonist: The enemies will vary based on the stage or level of the game. These enemies will include special powers which will be indicated before every battle. 1.3 Artificial Intelligence Spirits AI Manggagaway This Ai character is the major enemy on the first level of the game. It is instructed to spread diseases that will affect the character’s energy to loose. The character also change itself into human which will make the player confused to attack. Manisilat This Ai character is the major enemy on the second level of the game .It is instructed to destroy and break every happy and united family. She will cast bad memories on the main protagonist that will cause to stun and damage the character. Mangkukulam Mangkukulam will be shown on the third

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