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Eggy Breaky Heart Depiction: The main purpose for this machine is to crack an egg with out using any added force. In this machine a series of events take place in order for the egg to crack at the end. It first starts off with a slinky falling down three stairs. Then after the last step it will hit a domino, which will knock down a series of dominos following. The last domino will then push a metal ball off the edge of a table into a basket, attached to a pulley system. The weight of that ball will cause the basket to go down and the opposite basket on the pulley to shoot up. Your second basket will be rested on a lever, but once it is forced upward, the lever will fall down causing the golf ball to roll off an inclined plane into the tunnel. Finally, once it reaches and falls down the tunnel, it will crack your egg. Trouble-Shooting Solutions: This machine has many places where errors can occur, but most likely will not occur, if it is put together properly. First, you want to make sure the slinky is placed on the marked area on the top staircase. It will only work properly if it starts from that position. Next, if your dominos do not fall accordingly, make sure they are spaced well enough that when one falls it hits the next one. Also, you may find some difficulties when the ball is falling into the basket. If the ball were to miss, it advised to re align the pulley system so the basket is directly under the balls predicted falling spot. Finally, if the golf ball rolling through the tunnel misses the egg, re-adjust the tunnel so it is set right about the egg, making sure that there is contact when the golf ball goes through

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