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1159 Words5 Pages 2/17/11 1:06 PM TutorialsGet your Learn on. News Get informed. Reviews Thumbs up/down. Editorial Opinions and such. ContactGet in touch. 06 Jan 2011 17 tweets retweet Interview with Mark Theriault of Prime Focus 1 Comment Editorial, News I first met Mark Theriault (pronounced Terry-O) when he came to Optimus in Chicago as an intern. He mentioned that he came to Optimus after seeing our 3d work and assumed he’d be interning with a big, bustling cg team. Imagine his disappointment when he got there and found out that I alone WAS the 3d department. Still, eager as ever, Mark hung out in my office and soaked up all the knowledge he could (3ds Max). Not too long after he started his internship at Optimus, I received an offer to build a cg department from scratch at Somersault. Mark, being the loyal intern came with me and became my first hire there. He was Somersault’s first and only TD. After some time with us, he decided to spread his wings and move to Canada of all places. I guess Chicago wasn’t cold enough for him. I thought Mark would make a great interview as he has worked in TVC and Film, has a background in design, and is a super nice guy. Enjoy. Read more Page 1 of 10 2/17/11 1:06 PM 01 Jan 2011 2 tweets retweet Columbia Lab Helps Un-Tangle Tangled. Comments Off News Great article in by Patricia Cohen about how scientists at a Columbia lab helped Disney solve the difficult hair problem in Tangled. Read it here. 30 Dec 2010 2 tweets retweet Cafefx to be Auctioned Off. Comments Off News We are all saddened by the fact that Cafefx has closed it’s doors. What really makes it feel real is the fact that it is now being auctioned off by Joeseph Finn and Company. This post hits close to home for me, as I saw a studio worked at auctioned off by this same

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