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Oskar Schindler is the epitome of an enigma. Opportunistic and altruistic, ruthless and rakish, compassionate and brave beyond belief. His extraordinary story is explored in Steven Spielberg's much vaunted film, Schindler's List. Well, history can provide some of the facts. Schindler was, by all accounts, a bon vivant, a privileged member of a hyper class who, after the loss of his father's fortune, was for some while regarded as a failure. As a member of the privileged classes, he was mostly able to cover the tracks of his losses and excesses, and, as an all-round good time guy, maintained an element of charm that papered over most of the cracks of his misdemeanours. We know that he married Emilie at the tender age of 19, and that he rapidly engaged himself in extra-marital affairs. As a somewhat sad postscript to the Schindler saga, Emilie herself noted with no small amount of wryness, "The Jews he saved, me he abandoned." And therein lies the rub. Anyone who wants to canonise Schindler is going to have to deal fulsomely with his many failures, foibles and inconsistencies. Oskar Schindler was a difficult, vacillant, irascible man who was over self-aggrandising, loved the society of society, always took the easy road, and fast-tracked himself by ingratiation into the auspices of the powerful and the wealthy. His most original gift seems to be rebellion - and perhaps this is what laid the grounds for his outrageous acts of redemption. The conflict

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