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BTEC National Business Management Unit 13 – Investigating Recruitment and Selection Assignment 1 (P1):- Recruitment planning You are an administration assistant at Ashton Consultants. You have been asked to prepare a report (using the correct format) outlining how Alton Towers and Ashton 6th Form College plan recruitment using internal and external sources. You should structure your report as outlined below in task 1. This assignment assesses: P1 Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources. Signed (IV) ___________________________________________ Print name ___________________________________________ |P1 |Task 1 | | | | | |Briefly describe Alton Towers’ and Ashton 6th Form College’s business objectives. | | | | | |Briefly describe how each organisation plans and conducts its recruitment. Explain why there might be a reason for a | | |vacancy (include employee leaving, increased volume of business, different work, maternity cover, sickness). Add a | | |paragraph to explain any current vacancies that these two organisations have and why they have arisen. | | | | | |You will be given a talk by the college’s personnel manager. You should record what she says on your speaker notes | | |sheet. This

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