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Going GREEN is the new thing in TOWN! Going GREEN is the new thing in TOWN! Maybe its rooms with air conditioners turned on to freezing cold temperature for the whole day or rooms with the lights and fans turned on with no one inside. But one thing’s for sure, Ping Yi Secondary is unlike other schools. Since opening its doors in 2007, our school has been hosting students and teachers from other schools to learn from our environmentally friendly ways. In February 2007, our school installed recycling bins, encouraging students and teachers to bring any recyclable items to school every week to recycle. In May 2008, our school installed drinking fountains to encourage students to drink from it, instead of buying bottled drinks. In April 2010, the school renovated parts of the school into gardens and ponds for students to relax and study. WHY SHOULD WE GO GREEN Firstly, it benefits everyone. How you ask? Just by reducing or reusing the use of plastic bottles can result in cleaner air. With cleaner air, your health will improve your health which allows you to do so many things! But of course, this cannot happen overnight. Secondly, you will be able to concentrate better in class which in the end improves your grades which is what you and I want! THE TEACHERS WILL BE INVOLVED! Many of us may think that it isn’t important since the teachers or adults are not doing it. So this time, your form teacher will be going green with your class! This helps bond you and your teacher together by doing various activities together, which makes it easier for you to ask questions in class without feeling nervous. The teachers are also going to do their part just by simply turning the air conditioner temperature higher and many other things! JOIN IN THE FUN So, what will you be doing with your teachers? Well, the Environmental Club has planned many fun and exciting

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