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6) Which amino acid has the highest Rf value. Why? Phenylalanine has the highest Rf value because it is the most non-polar and therefore has the lowest affinity for the polar stationary phase. 7) Which amino acid has the lowest Rf value. Why? Lysine had the lowest Rf value because it was most polar and therefore has the highest affinity for the polar stationary phase. 8) What is the Rf value(s) of unknown sample. What are the components of your unknown sample? The unknown sample’s Rf values were 0.42, 0.82. The Rf values suggest that components of the unknown sample are Lysine and Phenylalanine. 9) Explain the structure of the amino acid that determines its polarity or non-polarity. The polarity or non-polarity of an amino acid is determined by the R group of the amino acid. Every amino acid has a different R group and that makes the molecule either polar or non-polar; non-polarity from bulky R groups and polarity from charged R group. 10) How would this experiment be useful to you (major as pharmacist, toxicologist, physician assistant, etc.)? The experiment will be useful in identifying various proteins (enzymes, hormones, antibodies, etc.) which might be the source or the cure for a certain disease. 11) What is the molarity of 1% of Glycine (Mol. Wt. of Glycine is 75g/mol)? 1% of Glycine = 1g/100mL 1g x (1 mol/75g) = 0.0133mol M = mol/L 0.0133mol/0.1L = 0.133M 12) Identify the amino acid in the chemical structure below, as well as the “R” group, and describe the polarity and charge characteristics. 1. Glutamic acid; carboxylic group side chain; polar negatively charged 2. Histidine; imidazole group side chain; polar positively charged 3. Alanine; methyl group side chain; non-polar 4. Arginine; guanidinium group side chain; polar positively charged 5. Cysteine; thiol group side chain; polar neutral 6. Proline;

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