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The objective truth separate from any perspective of the living is wholly empty of subject/object distinction, morality, events, knowledge and truth. It knows no bounds, without knowing any bounds. In perceiving, man simultaneously holds out his hand grasping for truth - making truth possible as a notion but at the same time destroying it by firstly only understanding a small diluted perspectival fraction and secondly in getting that fraction most probably wrong in extrapolation from it. At the very least he is caught in the quandary of realising the possibility of error and so lives with error. Our sword is blunted on both sides. The objective, distinct from all subjects can bare no truth with no one to know it and the subject, being as he is becomes the vessel for which truth could have a meaning but in his becoming he separates himself from it and can never quite be it until death. 2 In considering a single question man asks all of them together, embarks on an infinite regression and never returns. 3# Could something be known if one did not already know everything? The thing one holds true may be shown false by something one does not. We live as fallible, our bodies guide. Dead within a narrow spectrum where our story takes place. 4# Half way between ether and stone, accepting of the worst "knowledge" and scared of the emptiness of objects. The saddest of all places? The hardest? The best? 5 The objects that surround us are in complete disregard of our interests and feelings, such phenomena fundamentally precede and vastly outweigh biological entities that not only rely fully on them but are constructed wholly from them. Materiality is completely amoral; perhaps we would do best to be the same. Perhaps we already do. 6 One cant step back out of the stream of action, there is nowhere left since the

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