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Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill: Research Methods for Business Students, 6th edition, Additional Case Studies Case 2b Strategic issues in the UK brewing industry Steve was thinking about how to write his research proposal. A few weeks earlier he had been allocated a project tutor on the basis of his wanting to do something in the area of strategic management. Now his project tutor had emailed him and suggested they meet early next week to discuss Steve’s ideas for the research topic. He asked Steve to bring along his research proposal. Steve started to look through his lecture notes from the Strategic Management module, and the following extract caught his eye: As companies reach maturity in their product’s life cycle a number of occurrences tend to become commonplace. Competition increases, international competitors achieve market entry, overcapacity within the industry increases, profit margins in gross profit terms generally begin to fall, and acquisitions and mergers take place. Certainly within the UK marketplace these trends have recently occurred in a number of industries: banking and brewing would be two good examples. Steve decided that he would look at these ideas by undertaking ‘in-depth’ research on the UK brewing industry. Steve used the Financial Times CD-ROMs available in his university library to produce a time line of what had happened in the industry since 1989 and added a few notes regarding what he intended to do for his research project. This was what he produced: Changes in the United Kingdom brewing industry A research proposal by Steve Smith There have been numerous changes to the UK brewing industry since the Monopolies and Mergers Commission Report of 1989: Year 1989 What happened Monopolies & Mergers Commission restricted brewers to 2000 public houses plus 50% of their original holdings. This ruling was modified in 1997; however,

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