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Part 1 The silvery white full moon, segmented into four by the cross-shaped window frame, could be seen looming above. In the southwest corner of ALFheim, in the land of the Sylphs, the streets of the capital city Sylvain were wrapped in a thick veil of darkness. Most of the shops had their sturdy metal shutters pulled down, and few players were moving around on the main streets. This was because the time was 4am, when the least number of people would be connected. Asuna turned her eyes from the window to the table, and picked up the still steaming cup. She brought the thickly-colored tea to her lips, and could feel the illusory heat stimulate her tongue. Although she was not sleepy, her brain felt slightly fuzzy; she has had practically no sleep for the past 3 days. She closed her eyes and used her fingers to tap her temple slightly. The other Sylph girl who saw this asked worriedly, “Are you alright, Asuna-san? You haven't been sleeping.” “Yeeah, I'm fine here. You too, Lyfa. It must be tiring for you to walk around everywhere, right?” “My real body is resting properly in my bed, so I'm alright.” Though they said they were fine in unison, they realized neither sounded very energetic at all, and gave wry smiles. This place was the player home of Lyfa, the avatar of Kirigaya Suguha in ALFheim Online. The walls surrounding the round room had a glossy, iridescent sheen that constantly shifted in colour, creating a somewhat surreal atmosphere. A pearl white table and matching chairs were placed in the centre of the room, three of which were currently occupied. On hearing the duo's conversation, the ice-blue haired girl with triangular ears clasped her fingers together on the table, opening her mouth, “If you force yourself too much, your minds won't be able to work well during crucial moments. Even if you can't sleep, it makes a whole world of difference if

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