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Matthew Daniels 8/7/11 AP World History Why Study History Essay A wise man once quoted “If you don’t know your past, you won’t have a future. To me, that is very true. How do you think scientist or meteorologist predict when catastrophes happen? They study past history records of different catastrophes. How do you think farmers know when to plant crops and how to plant them. By past farmers that did it. I think we should study history because history helps us understand change and how the earth came to be, it helps us predict the future, and it helps us understand people and the society we live in. The earth undergoes many changes and compared to the earth 50,000 years ago, it is not even recognizable. Without history, we would not know why the earth is this way and what events happened to shape the world like this. For example, if we did not study history how could we have made up a theory about there being one huge mega-continent? Or, without records of history how would we have known the Grand Canyon is really just a dried up river. History gives us the answers to many origins of places that without history most of these places in the world would not have an unknown origin. In addition to history helping us understand change and how the earth came to be, history also helps us predict the future. Without history we would not be able to tell how long it would take to grow a papaya plant or whether it is going to rain or snow tomorrow. History repeats itself, so if it happened once, it is bound to happen again. For example, if Oklahoma has a history of tornadoes happening in the fall, tornadoes would keep on happening in the fall. Or if New York has an average of 26 inches of snow per winter, there would usually be about 26 inches of snow. History might not always be on point about predictions but, it gives scientist and farmers very good estimations. In

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