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Woman stole from grandparents Jaquelin Waters Dalton, NY - A Livingston County woman is accused of stealing from her great grandparents who suffer from memory loss and Dementia. Desiree Clark, 21, is charged with grand larceny in the 3rd degree and forgery in the 3rd degree. Investigators said Clark admitted to writing and singing checks from her grandparent's account since March 2014. Clark is accused of stealing $11,124.00 from the account. Investigators said they were contacted by Adult Protective Services. Clark was arraigned in Mount Morris Town Court and released on her own recognizance. The judge issued a stay away order of protection ordering Clark to stay away from her great grandparents. She is due back in court in June. Crime: Grand larceny in the 3rd and forgery in the 3rd Summary: Twenty-one year old Desiree Clark has been accused of stealing over eleven thousand dollars from her great grandparents. Clark has taken their money directly from her great grandparents’ bank account. She has written checks to herself signing them in her great grandparents’ name. She did turn herself in. Opinion: I am very sad to read this story. I don’t believe that the great grandparents in this situation have been served correctly by the law. I feel that their great granddaughter should also receive elderly abuse for taking their money blindly. It truly hurts to know that someone can live knowing they stole from their own family. This puts shame to her

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