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M3.01 Background I work for a logistics company called xxxxxxxxxx; it’s based in the UK but does have several overseas Warehouses and Contracts. They mainly deal as an efulfilment company but do have a wide range of contracts under their belt as Asda, Tesco ,Buildabear , Asprey , Mothercare and Morrison’s, These are just a few of the contracts we are currently in Business with. My role within the company at present is a Team leader on the Inbound Department on the Asda Contract; I have dealings with deliveries of stock making sure they are correctly processed into the warehouse ready for the customer sales through the internet. Description of the Problem As a leading Logistics company we are always trying to move forward with…show more content…
One of the problems is booking in and putting away of the stock, as this is new the guns do not seem to be fully compatible with the Duty Management system in place already, this in turn is causing system errors, stock not recording correctly, Po’s (which are programs that allow you to see what stock has been delivered and enable you to correctly book in stock onto the duty management system, these are generated by the customer) not being excepted on the Guns, not being able to shut down Po’s once opened. This has made booking in very difficult and long winded. Also one major problem as well is that the Guns are losing signal strength due to either all the metal in the building as we have mezzanine floors or the signal boxes are not in the correct place and not the correct…show more content…
The solutions that were chosen were to only test the process with only a few members of staff first with the same principle as last time as we hoped that the new and improved management system had been up dated to our spec and also the IT department had made up dated changes to the signal boxes. Solutions chosen • Inputting of the information onto the guns was to be done by one person at a time (one person per PO except for the Clothing side of the operation) • No more than 15 guns operating at a time • URN’s (numbers that identify a certain item of stock per processing of stock) was to be only produced by a Team leader • Implementation and communication of the solution Us as team leaders were asked into a short meeting with the managers to discus the decisions we had decided on and how we were going to relate them to the staff that was going to test it. The action plan wasn’t really put into any sort of graph or chart but was spoken to us and we then decided about what order they were to be carried out. Our list was... • Training for the staff properly of use of the

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