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Assignment 5 – Leadership and Change The story of Asda under Archie Norman’s leadership is truly inspiring. Throughout the case study, I was able to identify some examples Norman demonstrate to showcase the leadership behaviors described in Heifetz and Laurie’s article, “Learning to lead: Real leaders say, “I don’t have the answer”. The first step of effectively mobilize people to do adaptive work is to “identify the adaptive challenge”. Overtimes, the employees in Asda were under the impression that the company’s lost in revenue is due to market condition. However, when Norman was brought onboard to Asda, he quickly realized there are many disconnections within the company and an overall change in the company culture and structure is very necessary in order to revitalize this downhill spiraling business. He understood that in order to make any changes, he had to “convince people that there was a problem”. To get his message across, Norman held many meetings with his employees and investors over the first six months and effectively identified the many issues at hand through clear and direct communication. As a regional manager stated, it wasn’t until after the meeting that they understood how serious their financial difficulties are, and that “it became clear we couldn’t just wave a magic wand and make all things right”. In addition to effectively communicating the underlying issues to his employees, Norman also understood an initial change must start from the top. Upon his arrival to Asda, he noted that the company was “highly politicized and central headquarters divided into factions based on who you supported from the previous regime”. Given this existing culture and mindset, Norman immediately created a brand new top management team with external talents in order to break this cycle and allow his employees to begin acting as a unison team from top to

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