Asch Conformity Essay

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In 1955, Solomon E. Asch wrote an article called “Opinions and Social Pressure” that examines and explains his experiments that show how people react during social situations. Asch’s experiment was called the “Asch conformity experiment”. In his studies he shows how social influences shape the majority of people’s decisions. In the article it states that the beginning of these studies began with the interest in hypnosis. It’s said that hypnosis is another extreme form of a normal psychological process called “suggestibility”. The suggestion demonstration is where the subjects would ask a group of people to give their opinions and preferences on a certain subject. Then, the subjects would come back a few days later and be asked the same questions, but be told what the majority and authorities opinions were and the subject’s opinions would change. The Asch conformity experiment is very similar where a group of people are asked to match a line to another line of the same length. They have three different options to choose; One line being the right one, one being ¾ inch shorter, and one ¾ inch longer (very obvious differences). Every person in the group is aware of the experiment taking place and the one person that doesn’t know that the others are aware is the test subject. The first few times they are asked, everyone chooses the right answer so they don’t make the subject suspicious. Then, they start choosing the wrong answers to see if the one person continues to answer with his own opinion or just go with everyone else’s. Only 25% of the subjects stuck to their own opinions and didn’t give in. I think that says a lot about the people around us, and shows how many people are just going with the drift! “Consensus is an indispensible condition in a complex society, but consensus, to be productive, requires that each individual contribute independently out

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