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ddAAIt was a one-day pleasure trip. We knowingly did not fix the destination of our trip. We started in the noon. We did not know by what means we had to travel. So we went on walking. we believed that we would meet some adventure on our way. At last we reached railway station. ‘Be ready’ said one of us and we boarded the train. At Kalar Kahar the train stopped. We had to get down catching another train. We did not wait for another train. We decided to visit the hills at Kalar Kahar. They are small but good hills. I saw them for the first time. I wished to pass some time there. We reached Lahore. It was nearly 5 pm. A thought passed through our mind to visit the Fort of Jahengir. But on second thought we decided to visit the Badshahi mosque. When we made inquiry about the mosque people laughed at us. We did not care for their laughter. We walked, we strode, and we ran. We crossed a steam. After some time we reached the mosque. Some of us were separated at the between two roads. Now the adventure began. We lost our way. It was all a big forest which had no paths. We walked. There was no end to our walking. We shouted the names of our friends. But there was no response. There were some rocks. I caught hold of a big stone and climbed with its help. The moment I left it, it went down. You can think how lucky I was. After half an hour I heard the cry of my friends. At last we all met at the

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