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Program Logistics What is the official name of your program and what degree does it grant? What college or university offers it? What requirements, including applications and prerequisite courses, are necessary for admission? How many credits and what G.P.A. minimums are required for graduation? Program Exploration Use various assessment categories (i.e. DISC, VARK Learning Styles Inventory, Multiple Intelligences) to describe people most interested and successful in these programs. What are the required classes for graduation from each program? What is your particular area of interest? For example, if you are a nursing student, you may be interested in labor and delivery. Does pursuing a particular area change the classes required? If so, how? Advancing Opportunities What extracurricular activities are available to students to enhance their learning in this program? What fieldwork and internship opportunities are available to students in these programs? Describe the careers commonly and uncommonly assumed by graduates of your program. Be sure to include the salary ranges for each career. Personal Relevance (The answers to these questions will appear in your presentation and reflection paper only) What are the cons and pros of you continuing through this particular degree program? Provide your semester-by-semester academic plan through graduation from this program. Please include information about your specific area of interest and its salary range. What is the most interesting piece of information that you learned from your interview experience? Attach your career profile ( and discuss your suitability for the professions commonly and uncommonly associated with the chosen

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