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Introduction of Organization Nature of Organization Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited is the largest integrated gas company serving more than 2.7 million consumers in north central Pakistan through an extensive network in Punjab and North West frontier province. The company has over 43 years of experience in operation and maintenance of high pressure gas transmission and distribution system. It also has expanded its activities to undertake the planning, designing and construction of pipelines, for both itself and other organization. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited in a region of the nation that has a rapidly growing demand for natural gas and power generation due to significant industrial development. Natural Gas Natural gas, as the name implies, is found in gaseous form naturally, underground at varying depths and geographical formations. It is one of the most abundant energy sources in Pakistan, and because it is produced domestically, it is not subject to foreign disruptions of price or supply. Comprised primarily of methane, natural gas is odorless and colorless when it comes out of the ground. After impurities are removed, the natural gas is introduced into the pipeline system where it is transported to the consumers. Prior to distribution, a harmless odorant is added to the gas so any leakage can be easily detected before an unsafe situation occurs. In addition to this "rotten egg" odor, natural gas has some built-in safety features. It is lighter than air, so it will rise and dissipate into the atmosphere in the event of a leak. And it has a very narrow combustion range, igniting only when mixed with air at a ratio of between 4 and 14 percent. Any mixture higher or lower than that range and natural gas simply won't burn. It also requires a veryhigh degree of heat, at least 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, before it will ignite.Once combustion occurs, natural

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