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There are 3 user commands – (Screenshot 1) 1. Addrequest 2. AdditionBoard 3. RequestBoard To add your request, right click on the MovieServer tab in the client, go to User Commands and select Addrequest. A dialog box appears. Enter your request and press OK. Your request will be registered on the RequestBoard and a new tab (AdminBOT) will automatically open in the DC client showing that your request has been added. To see other user requests, follow the same process as above but select the RequestBoard from the User commands list. A new tab (AdminBOT) will open displaying the requests. To see whether your request has been served/not, follow the same process as above but select the AdditionBoard. The AdditionBoard is exclusively for the Movieserver team to post updates about requests. At a given time, only one of the boards – AdditionBoard or RequestBoard can be viewed. To switch between the two, close the opened board first and select the required board from the user commands menu. (screenshot 2) [pic] [pic] Some simple rules – 1. Anyone other than the Movieserver team posting on the AdditionBoard will be kicked for 24 hrs and will be permanently banned in case of a 2nd violation. Two boards (Addition and Request) have been set up so that the additions made are not lost in the user requests. Please understand this and cooperate. 2. Please do not spam on the RequestBoard. Doing so will invite strict action. The messaging system is to ensure that users have an efficient way of posting requests. It is imperative that the sanctity is maintained. 3. In case any user already has what has been requested, he/she is requested to PM any one of the admins (the users at the top in green; Do not PM the “Admin” or the “AdminBOT” users.) mentioning so. The admin will post the update on the AdditionBoard mentioning that the

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