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Abstract Short (three-quarters of a page) description of the paper. Describe what the issue or problem is, why it is important or interesting, and your findings. Introduction * What is the issue or problem? * Literature review: what is current thinking, findings, and approaches on the problem? * What is the significance of the problem? * How do you plan to deal with the problem? What is your solution? Methods * How did you search for information or data on the topic? * What is your impression of the ulility, relevance, or quality of the data you collected? * What special steps did you take to select or utilize the data? Results * What are your findings? * Are their problems with your findings in terms of answering the questions posed in the introduction? Discussion * What do your observations mean? * Summarize the most important findings. * What conclusions can you draw? * How do your results fit into abroader context? Free Essay on Morality Posted on March 25, 2011 by admin Free example essay on Morality: In the Reading, Born to be Good, written by Celia Kitzinger, she brings to light many varied views concerning moral behavior. For instance, the author discusses the reason why people are drawn to help others in need. Is their act of kindness, as it might seem, selfless and provided only with the ingrained desire to give aid to another? Or is it, as some psychologists have suggested, truly a deep rooted need to feel better about oneself through the act of giving or anticipation of receiving some form of personal gain resulting from our deed? The author goes on to discuss how we, as individuals, learn to act morally. It is mentioned that we first develop a sense of morality by experiencing obedience and punishments given by adults and later by pleasing and helping others as well as by

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