As We Live Our Lives as Catholics Essay

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The new evangelization is preaching and hearing of the person of Jesus. To understand that Christ is the heart of the evangelization and the improvement of the faith. It demands each of us threw baptism to live an accurate life of witness to Christ in order to reawaken the faith of those who are not practicing Catholics. Bishop DiMarzio want us to understand that the new evangelization offers us the opportunity of becoming new evangelizers in the modern world and today. It’s a call to have a personal encounter with Christ. To allow Christ to identify us with him so we can show the world. The new evangelization is not a new message. As laity we are called to share our gifts and talents in our parish and community. To promote healing and resolution in the church and predominantly in the diocese. To allow Christ to be the core of our life all the time. To be present to those who most need re-evangelization as well evangelize those who have fallen absent from the faith. To show ones evangelization threw its vocation and ministry as well. Evangelization will than take place I think we would face lots world challenges due to media, technology and political views. Not coming together to resolve problems we will face in the church and the community will be a huge challenge going forward. People will also give you their word and not carry it out those will be everyday challenges as well. Using our own words as we preach will be a big challenge so we must live everyday with Christ so that we don’t allow these challenges to take control over

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