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Baron-Cohen et al. AIM: wanted to find out why adults on the autistic spectrum had problems with social relationships. METHOD: They used 16 Asperger’s, 10 Tourette’s and 50 normal participants with a mixture of males and females, all of whom were shown 25 black-and- white photos of eyes for 3 seconds each and asked to identify the emotion shown by each set of eyes. The participants also had to identify the gender of the eyes as a control. RESULTS: The researchers found that the Autistic adults were less likely to identify the correct emotion than Asperger’s and Tourette’s adults. It was also found that female participants were more accurate than males at identifying emotions. CONCLUSIONS: This suggests that Autistic adults have problems with social relationships as they lack “theory of mind”, which means that they cannot read other people’s emotions. This study associated with the ______approach/perpective/issue/debate/method because.... | Raine. AIM: Wanted to find out if murderers had abnormal brain functioning. METHOD: He used 41 prisoners who were pleading not guilty for reasons of insanity (NGRI’s) to a murder charge. A control group of 41 non-murderers who were matched to the offenders in terms of age, sex & schizophrenia. All P’s were given a continuous performance task, then a PET scan. RESULTS: Results showed the NGRI’s had lower activity in the prefrontal cortex (self control, remorse), higher activity in the cerebellum (movement & monitoring of the body) & less activity in the left amygdala (registers emotion provoking stimuli & generates fear / anger. CONCLUSIONS: That the brain is involved with regulating and controlling violence due to the abnormal functioning shown in the NGRI’s scans. This study associated with the ______approach/perpective/issue/debate/method because.... | Freud AIM: aimed to obtain supporting evidence for

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