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Unit 1 – Pressure Groups Model Answers – Pressure Groups 1) Distinguish between “insider” and “outsider” pressure groups. (5) The distinction between insider and outsider pressure groups refers to their level of access to government. The model developed by Wyn Grant states that insider groups have greater access to the top, decision making, echelons of government while outsider groups struggle to represent their view to the executive. Insider groups are more likely to be sectional groups as these groups possess the expertise that government cannot do without; they are also more likely to possess the largest sanctions which can be used against the government. For example The British Medical Association possesses expertise which the government needs to be successful in its policy formation. It is revered by the public who trust Doctors, and the government is generally not willing to ignore its wishes out of hand for fear of bad press. Outsider groups do not tend to command the same level of respect as they do not possess information or follow an agenda that is important to the government or to popular opinion. These groups tend to be cause groups and follow agendas which are extreme or at least at odds with that of the government’s agenda. This enables them to use more extreme tactics as unlike insider groups they have nothing to lose from causing public disturbances and embarrassing the government. Indeed the further outside influencing the government a group gets extreme tactics are the only way they can be heard at all. Examples of these groups include Reclaim the Streets, an anarchist group protesting against increased police powers and public restrictions. The Countryside Alliance and the Fuel Protesters with their blockades and street marches are other examples of this grouping. (3/4 side) 2) How do pressure groups differ from

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