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1. Anti-Semitism in Germany, 1919–1930 * The increased assimilation and social achievement of Jews in Weimar Germany * The extent of anti-Semitism in Weimar Germany; right wing political views; Jews and Communism; Jewish politicians and financiers Past Questions: 12 marks: 1. Explain why Nazis blamed the Jews for the Great Depression in Germany. (12 marks) June 2011 Answers should include a range of reasons as to why the Jews were blamed by the Nazis for causing the great depression in Germany in 1929. Candidates might include some of the following factors: • Some German banks were Jewish owned • Jewish money lenders were seen as profiteering from other misfortune • Jews working in the Professions were seen as feeling less impact than other Germans • Some Jewish bankers repossessed farms due to failure to pay the mortgage by the farmer. Candidates may refer to some of the following long-term factors: • Nazi anti-Semitism meant that they blamed the Jews for all Germany’s misfortunes • Belief in the Protocols of Elders of Zion. And some of the following short-term/immediate factors: • The rise in popularity of the Communist Party that the Nazis associated with the Jews • The belief that the initial crash in America was caused by Jewish financiers. To reach higher levels, candidates will need to show the inter-relationship of the reasons given. For example, they might look at the long term anti-Semitic beliefs of the Nazis such as in the Protocols of Elders of Zion and how they were certain to blame further economic problems in Germany on the Jews. Candidates may link this to the Nazis manipulating the situation to gain votes notably of farmers by blaming the Jews for the loss of their farms. 2. Explain why Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s humiliation in the Treaty of Versailles. (12 marks) Jan 2010

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