As Nature Made Him

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As Nature Made Him: My Opinion Colapinto goes far beyond telling the woeful tale of confusion, manipulation and finally acceptance and peace of a surgically deformed person from childhood through adulthood. Colapinto tells David’s story with Grace and empathy. Although striving to remain objective, one can read the pain the author felt on David’s behalf while writing and reporting this story. This story has information that is beneficial to science and the study of sexual reassignment. Not only does it show a medical procedure that went terribly wrong and ruined not one life but a whole family. It shows how scientists and experts can be wrong in their analysis of things. When they were just eight months old, twins Bruce and Brian Reimer where admitted to the hospital to undergo a routine circumcision, wherein most of Bruce’s penis was burned off accidentally. Embarrassed, and afraid that their son would be ostracized by his peers when he reached adolescence; parents Ron and Jane Reimer began to seek a way to repair the damage. They were given their options; they could have an artificial penis constructed for Bruce or according to maverick Dr. John Money, they could remove Bruce’s undamaged testicles, and create a rudimentary vagina, give him hormones and raise young Bruce as a girl. John Money thought that nurture could override nature but that is not the case in this example. Before this experiment was done; which came to be known as the “Twins Case” sexual reassignment surgery on infants was not uncommon. In fact it was the answer to a lot of parents’ prayers when their child was either born with an enlarged clitoris or an underdeveloped penis. Instead of growing up with that abnormality they would just switch them and they grow up in a different sex. Intersexuality, hermaphroditisms, and transexuality has perplexed many for ages. When a baby

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