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Research paper draft Andrew Roberts This paper is going to compare and contrast different literary aspects of the works of William Faulkner. It will reference As I Lay Dying and discuss how he uses syntax and grammar to develop believable characters. It will also compare that to his character development in A Rose for Emily. Along with his character development, this paper will analyze his use of extensive description to create vivid scenes that can create a good setting within the mind of the reader. Finally, it will analyze the way he uses characters and settings to create a believable world that draws the reader into his greater theme. William Faulkner has several re-occurring character types that appear throughout his novels and short stories. One of the most dominant character types is the unfit father figure. In the novel As I Lay Dying, the narrator leads the audience to believe that Anse is leading the family on a journey to bury his lost wife as her dying wishes; however, Anse is the exact opposite. He uses his family throughout the story to achieve selfish benefits. On several occasions he endangers his family by sitting on the sidelines while they take on the dangerous task of saving his dead wife from a barn fire and overflowing waters. He also puts his son Cash in danger by neglecting his injury and attempting to heal a broken leg by pouring concrete on it to set the bone. Anse gets away with all this by rationalizing the situation and putting the guilt on his children, so they feel obligated to do the ‘right’ thing. He attempts to assume the position of authority, but this has long surpassed him due to the fact that he has never done anything to help the family. He relies on his promise to his wife’s dying wishes to persuade the family into making the journey to Jefferson (Holt 34-43). One of the lines that first sets Anse as a selfish person is

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