As i Lay Dying Essay

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As I lay Dying Literature is valuable because it offers us a rare chance at developing self-knowledge not readily available in other forms. William Faulkner is an American fiction writer whose work is deeply rooted in the Southern United States. During his lifetime, William Faulkner had a prolific career, writing a wide range of books, stories, and poems. Faulkner had a unique, stream-of-consciousness writing style and was far more experimental with his texts than many of his fellow writers were. As I Lay Dying chronicles the death of Addie and the journey to bury her corpse in her family's cemetery several miles away. This disastrous comic tale is enriched by Faulkner's innovative narrative technique, which features narration by fifteen characters, including a confused child and the dead woman, Addie. Cash, Jewel, Darl, Dewey and Vardaman are all Addie’s children and all are quite different. Jewel and Darl are the foil characters of this novel. The brotherhood they share isn’t the same as any other brothers would have. Although most brothers would get along and be there for each other, Jewel and Darl weren’t, Addie’s death means the loss of the one person Jewel truly loves and Darl was the journey saboteur. The first paragraph of the novel starts with the two boys walking toward the house together. Darl makes a point of describing the fifteen feet between them and the different ways they walk, as well as the disparity in height. Later, he points out that Jewel is 300 yards away. These physical distances and differences set the stage for the more relevant differences in character between these two. Darl is a far cry from the stoic and brooding man of action that is Jewel. Darl is in many ways the most cerebral character. He is the narrator for nineteen sections. Darl possessed superhuman powers of clairvoyance, as revealed in his knowledge of Dewey Dell's

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