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17. What caused the fresh clashes? Gunfire erupted Thursday at Maidan, or Independence Square, which has been ground zero for anti-government protesters. At least 20 people died. It's unclear what prompted the gunfire. Again, finger-pointing followed: The government said protesters broke the truce; the protesters said the government did. 18. So, what happens next? Top international diplomats have been trying to resolve the crisis. There's also been talk of sanctions. 19. Will sanctions help? Analysts warn there's little that outside pressure could do, especially if the Ukrainian military gets involved on the side of the government. 20. What's the takeaway here? Street protests that started in November over a trade pact have swelled into something much bigger -- a demand that the President loosen his grip on power and the constitution be changed. As a result, the eastern European country is in the midst of a wave of anti-government protests, the likes of which it hasn't seen in 10 years. There's something else: Ukraine, the biggest frontier nation separating Russia and the European Union, is something of a pawn between Russia and the West. The EU and the U.S. think Russia wields a lot of influence. Russia denies it. One open-ended question is how much worse it will all get. "My own hunch," said Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, "is this is going to continue to escalate." READ: Truce crumbles amid gunfire in Ukraine READ: U.S. talks tough, but options limited in Ukraine READ: Opinion: 'New' Russia in Sochi: Same old Russia in

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