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As a successful Event Manager, the event I would most like to organise would be Autosport International Racing Car Show. Autosport International Racing Car Show is an event which is held annually at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The event is held over four days which includes two trade days, as well as two public days. I would like to organise this event because Autosport International Racing Car Show is the largest exhibition of its kind in Europe and therefore attracts visitors and exhibitors from all around the world. The event ‘has been widely regarded as the World’s Greatest Motorsport Show.’ ( exhibition is seen as an integral part of the racing season “Most people think the motorsport season starts in March with the first F1 race, but for me it begins in January at Autosport International...The show is a firm date in my diary and I’m looking forward to returning in 2011 to see the fans, my friends and colleagues from the industry, and get the inside information on what’s new for the coming season.” (Martin Brundle 2010 cited in At the event there are many different areas which help visitors to find out more about the different aspects of motorsport. For example, the Careers in Motorsport Area has been specially created to help people that are looking for careers in the motorsport industry. Also I would like to organise this event as I would like the opportunity to be able to work for the Haymarket Media Group. Haymarket manage several big events around the world which include The Clothes Show Live and Atomic Live as well as producing magazine publications and websites. Another reason I would like to organise the event is that organising an event of this magnitude would give me the opportunity to work with many different companies. There are over eight hundred

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