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The Aryan brotherhood is a ruthless white supremacy gang that creates havoc both outside and inside of prisons. They are responsible for a number of attacks and murders of inmates and correctional officers. Their gang activities have gone past just being supremacist, they what the power and control of all things around them. The origin of Aryan Nations is in the teachings of Wesley Swift, a significant figure in the early Christian Identity movement. He founded his own church in California in the mid-1940s, and he had a daily radio broadcast in California during the 1950s and 1960s. In 1957, the name of his church was changed to the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian, which is used today by Aryan Nations churches. (Anti Defamation League)…show more content…
On June 18, 1984, four members of the group shot Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg. As a talk show host, Berg was controversial. Frequently, Berg would be rude to and hang up on callers. He had ridiculed the beliefs of white supremacists in the past, which made him a target that white supremacists could use to take out their anger on him (Knudson, 1987). Berg was also of Jewish descent. Nearly a quarter million people listened to Berg before his death. Police found ten shell casings at his home in Denver. Berg, who was killed immediately, had head and neck wounds (Malcolm,…show more content…
Once the bombings occurred, it was then the intention of the group to rob banks in Coeur d’Alene and Rathdrum and steal weapons from a National Guard armory near Post Falls, Idaho. The response of police officers and fire officials was greater than the group anticipated which led the group to abandon the planned robberies (United Press International, 1986). The group also set off bombs at the federal building, a restaurant, and a building that houses retail stores in September 1986 (United Press International,

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