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“Lord I lift you name on high; lord I love to sing your praises.” Lyrics from the popular song Lord I lift you name on high, by Mercy Me. Many songs like this one are used to help spread the word of the lord, and help people understand what the Holy Bible is trying to reveal. Unlike most modern religions there are some that have different thoughts on music. Some religions believe that music plays a negative role in the people’s lives; changing the way they believe. From a Christian stand point; music plays a very important roll having a positive influence on how people interpret the Holy Scripture. Hymns and songs helps make Sunday service more entertaining, and helps fellow church goers interpret the word of the lord. Candelaria, an expert on the Catholic sacred music of Spain and Mexico says, “Sacred music and art allows us to touch the face of God, through our perception of the world around us.” Music has a positive influence on many people such as Candelaria. Allowing people of their specific religion to make their own perception of what the religion is portraying. Contrary to popular belief, music is not included in all religions; so much that some ban it all together. Example, Muslims believe that music is a “very powerful intoxicating force, capable of creating extreme excitement in listeners that can cause them to lose control of their reason, diverting them from their devotional life and inviting sinful behavior,” quoted from John A. Maurer. Breaking the quote down to this; Muslims believe that music can and will have a negative influence on how believers live their life. Although the Muslim religion has chants they recite; they do not have musical rituals involving dancing and/or singing. As it may seem there are very few religions that do not have music involved with their believe; there is actually more then heard of. Have you ever been

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