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Spring 2012: Art 111-09 Art Appreciation (MW 4:00-5:15 in Porterfield 208) Instructor: Steve Arbury ( or 831-5921 or the textbook website) Office: Covington 176 Office Hours: Mon & Weds 3:30-4:00 or by appointment TEXTING IS NOT PERMITTED IN CLASS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Required Text: About Art (3rd revised printing). Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2012. Make sure you purchase a new copy. (If you purchase a used copy, the code that you need to access the textbook website will not be valid.) Required course website registration: This course uses the publisher’s website for the textbook, About Art. Your personal access code to register for the website is located on the inside of the front cover of the textbook. Go to and follow the directions contained on the inside cover of the book. You must register on the website in order to take quizzes, see your grades, and do other assignments. Note: When registering, you must select the section number of the course in which you are enrolled. Required Supplies: Pencil (not mechanical) and pencil sharpener. Course description: This is an introductory course that centers on the study of social, historical, and personal significance of visual art. We will consider many types of art (painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, et al.) in terms of art media, techniques, styles, historical periods and terminology. The textbook, along with the accompanying website, will be valuable tools in this process. Western art is emphasized. The purpose of this course is to expand students’ awareness and appreciation of visual art with specific emphasis placed on the ability to: A. Identify stylistic and formal characteristics of art works. B. Analyze expressive content of the artwork as intended by the artist. C. Identify and interpret works of art according to

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