Aruba Judical Systems Essay

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For this assignment I chose to write about Aruba and how their judicial system differs from the Untied States. In Aruba the judicial system is based off of the Dutch criminal justice system and relies on the queen to appoint different judges. While here in the U.S. we vote for our judges after they have decided to run for the position. Before a judge can be appointed in Aruba, they have to go through a special 6 year training process, once appointed to the position they hold it for life. While here in the U.S. a judge must run each term and depends on the voters to get his/her position. The U.S. depends on a judge and jury system to prove if a defendant is guilty or innocent. This system runs throughout the whole judicial system from trial to appeals. On the complete opposite side of things Aruba depends on one judge for trials and three judges to deal with appeals. This is probably one of the biggest differences between the United States and Aruba. We take pride in our juries and hold them on a pedestal for the fact that they have a hard decision to make and that they are only using the evidence presented to make that decision. Being an American my opinions are biased in a way but, I feel that the Untied States judicial system is superior to Aruba’s. It’s not just the fact that they use a different system it’s the way their system works. Here, with a jury you get different peoples view points on different cases and this may open up other people’s eyes to things they might not have noticed. In the end this could cause an innocent person being set

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