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Olivia Aka-Elloh 11/11/13 2:30 PM Analysis Of Painting and Sculpture A museum is a treasure-chest of antiquities. In it, are kept all such articles and diggings as reflect a country's culture and civilization, her historical panorama, modes and manners, its religions and relics and finally, her art and architecture. A museum is the miniature reflection of a country's ancient periods and gives a vivid picture of the customs, conventions and traditions of the nation. Last October 19th, 2013 my friends and I decided to visit a Dallas Museum D’Art. I was astonished by this amazing painting that is The Shepherd Faustulus Bringing Romulus and Remus to His Wife’’ by Nicolas Mignard and also one sculpture named Women’s Head’’by Allie V. Tennant. In my paper, I will analyze these different artworks by discussing the methods, media, form context and the visual elements. Mignard’s painting is typical of Roman mythical themes that dominated 17th-century France. The subject of the painting comes from the Roman myth of the twins Romulus and Remus who founded the city of Rome. Mignard’s painting ‘The Sheperd Faustulus Bringing Romulus and Remus to His Wife’’ created in 1654 (58 1/2 x 57 1/8 in., 148.59 x 145.098 cm) can be broken down into its individual elements, to help understand the meaning behind the beautiful painting. Line is one of the major elements in this painting. Apart from the obvious lines in the painting, there are more subtle psychological lines. All of the figures; the three women, the she-wolf, and

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