Arts In Schools

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To be or not to be Providing opportunities for students to participate in the arts has been proven to be beneficial to many of them. However these opportunities are now being taken out of public schools around the country due to budget cuts and more pressure on schools when it comes to standardized test scores. There are some barriers when it comes to integrating the arts in schools, and as superintendant once asked, “How can we afford to infuse our classrooms with more arts, music and creativity when the education authorities are judging us on how well we emphasize performance on standardized tests?” (Stewart). This can be done by showing the positive effects the arts have in the classrooms and showing that the arts are more beneficial to the students overall learning. There are numerous positive effects about having the arts in schools. It allows students to express themselves freely; whether it is on stage acting, singing in a choir concert, or in an art room with an easel, canvas and paint brush at hand. Students who participated in the arts in high school are three times more likely to win an award for their school attendance. Most people who did not participate in the arts during high school believe that they are just extracurricular activities and not imperative to the students’ core learning. Due to budget cuts to public schools, those extracurricular programs in those schools are the ones taking the biggest hit out of each of the programs. There are many parents who believe that taking their children out of public schools and putting them into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), pathway schools because it is more beneficial to their students overall learning. The argument is that in order to perform better on standardized testing in schools the arts are not as important and should not take president over core classes and they

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