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Arts in Healthcare Jennifer McCoy University of Texas at Arlington A harp playing outside your hospital room. A well groomed Scotty dog named Andy wanting to give you unconditional love on your hospital bed. A volunteer knocking on your hospital door asking if you would like to color or paint a picture. Art therapy was developed in the 1930s after psychiatrists in Britain and United States discovered a correlation between their artwork and their illnesses (Rosenthal, 2013). There are many different aspects of art. I am fascinated with the use of arts in healthcare and how it correlates with the healing process. I work at a hospital and one of their programs is having art as part of the healing process for their patients. This involves…show more content…
Music therapy can be very calming and soothing especially for a legally blind or visually impaired patient. Music therapy can relieve many different things such as stress, anxiety, apprehension, and fears. Music can also lower blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate. According to Madeline Vann, MPH, when treating patients with high blood pressure, she tells them to listen to Mozart for 12 minutes, three times a week which has proven to lower high blood pressure (Vann, 2014). It can also relieve sleeplessness for those who have difficulty sleeping in a hospital setting. Music therapy can also relieve muscle tension and provide relaxation. Music therapy can be incorporated into many different…show more content…
Art therapy is also a body and mind therapy. The American Cancer Society states that art therapy has not undergone any type of scientific study determining the therapeutic value on people. Many great artists have been diagnosed with an illness and deal with their illnesses through art. There are goals that are set for patients through art therapy which are part of their care. Art therapy encourages the patient to self-express their feelings related to their hospitalization. Facilitates positive self-esteem and positive body image during any traumatic surgical or hospitalization. It can also promote a sense of independence and feeling of control since most feel they have lost control during hospital stay. Art therapy can encourage healthy strategies for coping with their hospital stay (Anthony,

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