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Zhaniya T “Overcoming Obstacles” by Gilbert Garcin Gilbert Garcin - a modern French artist working in the art of traditional collage. His work laconic and ironic like deduce the viewer beyond the conventional perception and offered him a bit to think about life and its absurdity. Author of all time, uses photos of the same people, putting them beyond space, and time in the sphere of pure ideas, and refusing to reality as such proceeds to its generalized structure of its original skeleton. Armed with glue, scissors and scrap materials, he creates a surreal montage, in which he played the main role. All the works are of a certain fictional autobiography of an elderly man and already imbued with a grim irony to the philosophical subtext about fate, love and friendship, choice, and the transience of time and death. Nowadays most of the people start to take up photography in school. Many of them think and imagine themselves a great photographer. Gilbert Garcin became as a great photographer when he was seventy. Instead of being a respectful grandfather - a pensioner, he has created in his photographs a small world full of symbols and allusions. One of his work is very interesting and have full of meaning that calls Overcoming Obstacles, 2005 (Surmonter Les Obstacles).Gilbert presents himself in almost all his works. Basically he presents him by himself. Over his photographs possibly to think about those for hours, but the basic themes are obvious: the person is so insignificantly small in this world, but for each such small person there is a small world. Not by chance, on one of his works the man is equal to the size of the snail. Also there are the labyrinths parallel lines, some woman (probably, author’s wife or his daughter) and many other symbols, over each would be desirable to think about. One of his work is very interesting and

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