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Team Art Week One Geraldine Cason, Quincy Davis Arts100 5/5/14 Theresa Shellcroft It’s a painting by Katsushika Hokusai. It’s a boy viewing a mountain. It seems as he has had a long day and just wanted to take a look at the mountain to relax. The artist uses great techniques bringing out the detail of the environment seeming to be viewed as if you were in a dream. It seems peaceful and it says enough to not keep people guessing. This piece is not easy for me to understand what my partner see in this piece, because it is not the type of art that I am used to seeing, but it has its own beauty because of the uniqueness of this piece. Art can be looked at it so many different ways depending on the viewer of the piece but because I am a open-minded person I can see beauty in any piece even if I don’t have a clear understanding of the piece. My partner is a very unique individual and I can tail that just by this piece. My eyes I see again the that was working really hard at the today’s rest. When choosing a piece of art my thoughts were to pick something that engages my mind, spirit, and emotions. The choice I made was 3-D art Deco Scripture, this art is life-size and it also brings light to any room. The choices of art our beautiful and the detail can be seen as perfection. These sculptures are to follow one is to bring beauty into a long the second is to bring light into the room. These sculptures, and many type of finishing,. An elegant range of classic life size Art Deco figures, produced in glass fibre for interior or exterior use. Available in all types of finish - marble, stone, onyx, bronze, wood etc. in all colours to suit any décor (p.1). As I look at these pieces and allows me to see the complete beauty of the human body. The attention to detail in these pieces allows me to the inside of the arts heart. References Collection Highlights. (2014).

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