Artists and Intellectuals Should Have Total Freedom of Speech

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Artists and Intellectuals Should Have Total Freedom of Speech Mamunur Rashid English- 105, Section: 09 MS. Maleka Sarwar October 14, 2012 Art is a natural talent and should be well expressed without any disruption because if any rules or restrictions are imposed on artists and intellectuals then they will not be able to express their true talent. Take songwriter for instance, if any restrictions of not using certain words in lyrics are enforced on him then he might find in showing his real ingenuity. This is because, creativity and flair are considered to be songwriter's real talents and any confinement in any of these, would hinder his overall performance. My view is that they should have total freedom of expression because they have right to express their opinions, it sources of inspiration and they have a plenty of merits that can be good for society. First of all, unarguably, each citizen in society has the right to express their own opinions, known as the freedom of speech. This right is properly protected by law. Nonetheless, it should be acknowledged that not any statements or messages could be conveyed to viewers, regardless of content, particularly in the realm of politics or racial attitudes. Also they are parts of the society and thus cannot be an exception. Moreover, as a rule, artists are considered as trend-makers whose behaviors and lifestyles often draw public's attention. Considering such profound influences their ways of life exert on normal people, the government should impose constraints on what can be made available to the public and what not. Secondly, it is thought that freedom is a source of inspiration in creating arts. Artists, if so obsessed by prosecution, would become unable to compose any great masterworks as being inhibited. Humans therefore might fail to establish their distinct cultural identity through

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