Artist Statement Example Essay

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Crazy In Love The overall theme for our dance is crazy in love. We represent women who are head over heels for our men. It is fun, flirty, and very up-beat. When we perform our dance, we can’t help but to smile. Our dance symbolizes to us good feelings and being happy. Being in love makes one bouncy, energetic, and joyful which is the impression that we go for in our dance. We first thought of what song selection to use. We all felt that Beyonce’s, “Crazy in Love”, was a great fit for what we wanted to achieve. We wanted something flirty, fun, feminine and of course crazy. We decided to split up the selection into four, thirty-second parts with each group member being responsible for the choreography of one part. Every part has its own differences, yet they all flow together nicely as a whole. Each section was taught, tweaked, and solidified as a collaborative effort and we came up with an ending as a group. The theme of crazy love is represented all throughout the set choreography. For example, in the first thirty seconds there is a part where each one of us does this “hand-to-the-forehead” fainting gesture. This specific movement relates to our theme because it demonstrates the action of “falling madly in love.” In the next thirty seconds there is a movement that also ties in with the theme of crazy love. The move is where we have our hands close to our heads and we are shaking them as we do a full turn, in an act of desperation over love. The following thirty seconds were choreographed specifically with sensuality in mind. During this certain period there are many movements that involve both the hips and the upper body. The final thirty seconds of the choreography seem to increase the sensual movements. This sensuality is related to the theme of crazy love in that love can be expressed in the form of sensual movements. Meaning that they are physically
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