Artillery Section Test

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1. F –The COS verifies the AOF during emplacement using the CSD 2. T –The suspension lever should always mirror the position of the howitzer 3. F –The M577 fuze is compatible with the M107 projectile 4. F – The M107 projectile is the only HE round authorized by the US Army 5. T – The scavenge isolation valve should be in the close position during breech maintenance 6. F – If the COS is not under the net and a fire mission is received the gunner can shoot the mission as long as he verifies the data on the CSD 7. F – The dog coupler and PFM lever must be present and operational in order to fire the howitzer 8. T – During a high angle multiple round fire mission the tube must be depressed to 800 mils between each round fired 9. T – The primer vent hole will be cleaned and lubricated between every fire mission 10. T – The M231 (MACS) propellant is bi-directional meaning it can be loaded from either direction 11. During a Hot Tube misfire, if the howitzer fails to fire after 2 additional attempts how far should personnel be evacuated? 800m or 50m with adequate cover 12. How much distance should be between aiming poles? 75m and 75m 13. How far away from the howitzer should the collimator be? 9-12m 14. How far away should a DAP be? 1500m 15. What DA form is used to record fire missions? DA form 4513 16. Each turn of the elevation hand wheel is approximately how many mils? 10 17. When performing an out of traverse fire mission with the M777A2 howitzer what elevation should the tube be? 106 18. What are the max towing speeds for the M777A2 howitzer? Improved 45mph, cross country 15mph, secondary roads 30mph 19. What type of breech is used on the M777A2 howitzer? Screw block, interrupted thread 20. What is the nomenclature of the primer? M82 21. What is the min.

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