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Artificial Intelligence If you have found this useful please mail me your name,contact number,your feed back Urs ABSTRACT: The science of Artificial Intelligence (AI) might be defined as the construction of intelligent systems and their analysis a formal definition incorporating every aspect of intelligence, however, seems difficult. Further, intelligence is graded; there is a smooth transition between systems, which everyone would agree construction of intelligent systems and their analysis to be not intelligent and truly intelligent be defined as the construction of intelligent systems and their analysis. A natural definition of systems is anything that has an input and an output stream. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key technology in many of today's novel applications, ranging from banking systems that detect attempted credit card fraud, to telephone systems that understand speech, to software systems that notice when you're having problems and offer appropriate advice. These technologies would not exist today without the sustained federal support of fundamental AI research over the past three decades. It can have many faces like creativity, solving problems, pattern recognition, classification, learning, induction,, deduction, building analogies, optimization, surviving in an environment, language processing, knowledge and many more. One simply has to look in nature, starting with, for instance, inanimate crystals, and then come amino-acids, then some RNA fragments, then viruses, bacteria, plants, animals, apes, followed by the truly intelligent homo sapiens. |KEY WORDS: | |ArtificialIntelligence,Optimization,Programmable,Deduction,Re|

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