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Computer; man’s best friend? Jade Audrey Armstrong University of Sunderland Psychology Department Word Count; 992 Some people say a man’s best friend is a dog, but more recently, the emergence of a computer being a man’s best friend has come about. The notion that a computer can have the same consciousness as a human and is able to interact as a human could is highly debated in many aspects of science; this is known as machine consciousness, or artificial intelligence (AI). AI is shown frequently in the media and there have been more controversial reports about computers and humans than there were in the 1900’s. There is a high debate on whether there is such thing as AI; such as the debate on what consciousness actually is. The Turing test (Turing 1950) is a test to determine the consciousness of a machine. Turing says that if a computer/robot can determine certain things better than a human then it must be classes as conscious. For example; in class we distributed eight papers; four of which were generated by a computer and four of which were written by humans. The participants only guessed 2/8 correct; we put this down to chance, that they basically guessed which paper was which. This shows that a computer is just as able as a human to write a report, therefore is consciousness is intelligence then the computer is on par. Lady Lovelace (1845) cited by Turing (1950) however, believed that machines have no innate intelligence, that a machine can only be as intelligent as it is programmed to be. This puts forward the argument that a computer is not conscious; even though it has aspects of intelligence, it is still only as intelligent as the person who programmed it therefore it is the human who determines consciousness. Turing (1950) also talks about Professor Jefferson’s “Lister orientation” for 1949; in which he says that a machine cannot be considered as

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