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“Artificial Intelligence” By: Tyler S. Kenney Professor John Ford Spring 2012 In psychology and computer technology, there has been an astounding abundance of information released surrounding artificial intelligence over the past decade. Not only is this a topic that is very interesting, but it may very well have an impact on the future of humanity. Exploring the past, present, and future state of artificial intelligence (AI) is a pathway which forces the reader not only to define the term, but to truly use their imagination. The possibilities are endless in a world where computers surpass human intelligence. This review will discuss the evolution of artificial intelligence; AI’s application to human behaviors and cognitive abilities; AI’s status in current society; and finally the possible future we may face if AI machines truly surpass human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has changed dramatically over the past 30 years and will continue to change every day. AI is a core area of cognitive science, however few AI researchers attend Cognitive science society meetings. The concept of artificial intelligence was the first field founded with the use of computation as a modeling language. The idea was to use computation as a formal way to process “how to” knowledge (Forbus, 2010). The basic concept here is that computation language (i.e. the language of computers) can be expressed as a way to model our human minds. This idea originated way back in the 1930s and 1940s. In 1941, an invention changed every aspect of storage and processing of information, this invention was of course, the electronic computer. In 1949 an innovation called the stored program computer made it much easier to enter a program and this led to computer theory/science and finally on to artificial intelligence. Even though the computer provided the technology necessary

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